Memorandum, site-specific installation, watercolor and graphite on paper, Roseto della Sorpresa, Asti, Italy, 2017/

Frottage on paper of  the old doors and windows belonging to the master’s house of an ancient roses garden in the North of Italy /

Bølge, site-specific installation, 16×8 m, Sunnfjord, Dale, Norway, 2016

/ Textile made sewing together plastic bags used by farmers of Dale area in Norway to preserve the fertilizer during winter time /

Kòme (Chioma), site-specific installation, 8×2 m, Chiesa dei Bigi (Gr), 2016

/ Textile made sewing together plastic fabrics consumed by wind and sea effects during winter time /

Fragile (collaboration with Allison Hyde) , site-specific installation, 4,5×2 m, Le Couvent, France, 2014

/ Textile made sewing together plaster’s pieces of an old wall convent in France /